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Bunker Consumption

APLICABLE as of 01/01/2012
All  vessels transitting thru Turkish Straits Dardanelles and Bosphorus  without any call to/from Marmara sea port will be use usual bunker.
All  vessels proceeding to a Marmara Sea port are allowed to use usual  bunker during Marmara Sea and strait passages until entering port  limits.
All vessels departing from a Marmara Sea port are allowed to  use usual bunker during Marmara Sea and strait passages upon departing  port limits.
All vessels calling any Turkish Ports will use bunker  with Low Sulphur 0,1 at the port and usage will be commenced when vessel  arrived to Port limits till leave the port limits.
All vessels  transitting thru Turkish Straits, arrived to anchorage for any kind of  operation, waiting for Order , Crew change , Berthing permition etc.  will use again usual bunker.
Cruise vessels if has a regular service  schedule permition will use bunker with low sulphur % 1,5 (does not  exceed %1.5) during sailing between the Turkish ports and at Turkish  territorial waters.
Please do not hesitate to contact to us for any further information and assistance you need.
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